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Track Your Sent Emails
How it Works

You sent it, but did they read it?

Using DidTheyReadIt is remarkably easy. All it takes is 2 simple steps. DidTheyReadIt is 100% compatible with Windows and Mac, and all different e-mail clients. Read below for setup instructions, or click here for frequently asked questions.

1. Sign up for an account which you can do by clicking here .
2. Start sending tracked messages. Please click one of the following that best describes your e-mail program and how you send e-mails:

All users

Once you have signed up for a DidTheyReadIt account, all you need to do is add ".DidTheyReadIt.com" to the end of the recipient's e-mail address. For example, if you were sending an e-mail to ellen@aol.com you'd just send it to ellen@aol.com.DidTheyReadIt.com instead*, and your e-mail will be tracked; ellen@aol.com would not see that you added .DidTheyReadIt.com to her e-mail address.



* If you are sending an e-mail to multiple recipients, you need to add ".DidTheyReadIt.com" to each address.
Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo on Windows Operating System

DidTheyReadIt.com Auto-Tracker v1.0

The DidTheyReadIt Auto-Tracker is a Windows Beta release only. For free trial users or subscribers who prefres not to install the "Auto-Tracker" please see All Users above.

Click here for download


After installing Auto-Tracker, the set-up page should display automatically in your screen. If it does not, or you need to access it later, you can access it from Auto-Tracker console in your System Tray:

Important: you must ensure that the email address registered to your Auto-Tracker matches the email address registered to your DidTheyReadIt account (you can only use the Auto-Tracker with one email address at a time, but you can change it whenever you need to). After registering your correct email address with Auto-Tracker you can install the plugins from the list. If you use web-email such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail, you will require the browser plugin. It's best that you only install the plugin which represents the one email program or browser that you use to send your tracked emails from.

Note regarding Chrome: Your Chrome browser will ask you to allow the DidTheyReadIt Web Plugin installation before you can use it. You may get a failed message showing in your set-up page until you have allowed it.


To uninstall any of the plugins, close your email programs and browsers first then run the uninstall from the list in the set-up page above.

If you use Chrome, you will need to uninstall the plugin it from your Chrome Extensions in Tools.

Using Auto-Tracker

Auto-Tracker has three settings which will be display in your system tray like this:

On:   Track next email only:   Off:

You select these settings from your system tray (near your computer clock) or from your Outlook Toolbar:

Or from your Web email programs "compose" or "new email" page in your browser:

If you have any problems using or installing the DidTheyReadIt Auto-Tracker please see our Help Page.

Auto-Tracker is optional. See All Users above regarding adding the tracking manually.

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When you use didtheyreadit, every e-mail that you send is invisibly tracked without alerting the recipient.

But when they read your message, you will immediately receive the following information:
Track Your Email  When, exactly, your email was opened.
Receive Email Message Read Receipts  How long your email remained opened.
Check if, when, where, how long your email was read  Where, geographically, your email was viewed.
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